Hi, we are Michael & Abbi

Hey stranger! Welcome to our little space where we capture our adventures in an effort to Seek the unScene. We are Michael and Abbi and those are our pups, Able and Kloe.

We met just a short 8 months ago on Bumble…Yup! It actually worked. Michael was traveling from Joplin, MO back to Indy for a night and then heading up to Houghton Lake, MI for Christmas. He happened to swipe on me the one night he was in town. I’ll let Michael tell the rest of the story.

Here is the picture that had me hook line and sinker. That’s Abbi, holding her newborn niece.

Lucky for me my dating app history (2 dates) fails in comparison to Abbi’s. No horror stories from me, but it is quite entertaining to hear all of Abbi’s. We chatted back and forth during the Holiday break and then when I got back into town, we met for a drink at the Blind Owl. Pretty sure we talked for close to three hours. There are two things I will never forget about our first date:

  1. We happened to get out of our cars at the same time and knowing that she was 5’10”, I could NOT WAIT to give her a hug. I was chomping at the bit to see how she would fit in my arms (I am 6’4”), I was not disappointed.
  2. The date was winding down and all I could think about was asking her on a second date (in person, none of that millennial text for a second date BS). Before I could even ask her, she asked me. It was flattering to know she felt the same way and now that I know Abbi I am SHOCKED she asked me first.

Michael is originally from Houghton Lake, a small town in northern Michigan. He attended Alma College where he earned his degree in business. Michael has a half brother and sister, 2 step sisters and a step brother, along with 3 nephews and 5 nieces. He moved to Indy in 2010 to help run a family company, specializing in taking caring of adults with mental and intellectual disabilities. Currently, he works as a financial analyst.

Funny story. We had only been dating for a couple of months when Michael announced that he was making a job transition. Turns out, he and my dad now work for the same company.

Living her best life

Michael has an 8-year old rescue pup, Kloe. In his free time, he enjoys making short videos with his drone and gopro, traveling and now a shot at blogging; as well as playing rec sports as often as he can.

Nerd fact – he is OBSESSED with ancient Egypt.

Abbi was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and attended Butler University for undergrad and University of Louisville for a master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology. Abbi now works as a pediatric feeding therapist. She has 1 brother and 1 sister, along with 1 niece and a boy?girl? on the way.

Abbi has a 2-year old yellow lab/golden retriever pup, Able. Abbi got Able when he was 8 weeks old and spent the next 20 months training him with the hopes that he would one day become a service dog. Able went everywhere with Abbi and in April, he went back to the organization for more training. Unfortunately, Able was too distracted and was released from the program. Abbi is happy to have him back forever.

In her free time, Abbi enjoys cooking, running and participating in CrossFit. Ask Michael about CrossFit. He begrudgingly joined and is just as hooked now.

Nerd fact – She is OBSESSED with food blogs and the Today Show

Together we have over six figures in student loan debt. We are determined to aggressively pay off our debt while living a life full of adventure. Our trips are planned with a budget in mind, but we never skimp on experience. Each adventure is captured through Michael’s passion of flying his drone and creating video content that is shared on his Youtube channel. I enjoy seeing things through his perspective, but my favorite thing to do is scope out the local coffee shops, wineries, breweries and small, hole-in-the wall restaurants.

We would love for you to join us in this space to see how you too can Seek the unScene.

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