Making the trek down, then back up, Pyramid Point

Who is ready for a road trip?! Quarantine has us reminiscing on our summer trips. We are ready for sunshine, warm weather and a new destination to explore!

I cannot believe that our engagement trip to Traverse City, MI was 8 months ago! The day after Michael popped the question, we visited Pyramid Point located in Glen Arbor, MI.

Can you even believe that view?! Michael was planning on diving in Lake Michigan to check out a sinking ship. The trek down and back up was not for the faint of heart. We heard stories of people having to have a helicopter come rescue them from the bottom. Seeing as this was vacation and all, I opted to stay at the top with a book. Michael on the other hand, well if you know him, he was going to the bottom, no matter what.

The incline was steep. Many times, Michael had to basically scoot down the sand while sitting. Once at the bottom he hiked a bit down the beach to the location of the ship.

Unfortunately, it was too far off shore to safely swim out and back. I am happy that Michael used his common sense and decided against swimming out there. Typically, he is stubborn and will take the risk for the adventure. Regardless, he was able to fly his drone and captured some aerial images of the ship below water.

Finally, it was time to make the trek back up to the top of Pyramid Point. What I forgot to tell you is that Michael had a large duffel bag with all of his diving gear. Once wet, the weight significantly increased. So not only did he have to get himself back up the steep incline, he had to get the large duffel bag full of wet diving gear back up to the top.

Michael took many, many breaks on the way back up. The beauty could not be surpassed, no matter how out of breath he felt.

This is another one of my favorite photos. The colors just pop! It really captures how perfect the weather was that day. You can also see this similar scene in the video below. It was a spot where Michael rested.

Would you brave the trek down and back up Pyramid Point? Once quarantine is over, where is the first destination that you want to visit? We would love to hear from you.

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