Come along on our winter hike at Turkey Run State Park – Trail #3

Michael and I have been itching to get out of our normal, weekday routine. We both took a half day on a random Friday and packed up Able and Kloe to head to Turkey Run State Park for a winter hike. Michael bought us both new hiking boots, cozy wool socks and a winter hat to keep warm. Thank goodness because it was a freezing cold day! Unfortunately, he did forget to buy me a pair of warm gloves. It was a repeat of our first day trip together to Cataract Falls where I could not feel my fingers until Michael was kind enough to give me his gloves. For this hike, he gave me his gloves right away, knowing that I would never admit to being too cold. 

We set out to hike trail #3. Since it was such a cold day we only saw two other small groups of hikers on the trails.

202′ Suspension Bridge

To access trail #3, you first have to cross the Suspension Bridge. Michael was really hoping for some drone footage over the bridge, but unfortunately, his drone would not connect. It was such a serene walk with the subtle water flowing and not another person in sight. Able loved running back-and-forth as fast as he could.

102 year-old suspension bridge

Able and Kloe spent some time off of their leashes running around and gather sticks. Of course, Able found large stick that he carried for most of the hike.

Both Michael and I have previously been to Turkey Run State Park, but never in the winter months. Usually it is much drier, but the rocky areas were filled with running water. This is where our waterproof hiking boots came in handy. The logs and rocks were frozen over, so of course I ended up in the water more than a few times. Able enjoyed the endless supply of water to drink.


Abbi starting the trek down

We reached the ladders. There were only two ways down. The steep ladders or a path covered by a large tree that had fallen. Michael cleared the brush so that the dogs could pass through. Since we were quickly losing daylight, we had to ditch the trail and take a route that would get us back to our car faster. 

Kloe at the bottom of the ladders

Ice Box

The last stop on the hike, before heading back over the Suspension Bridge, was the Ice Box. The Ice Box is a circular, glacial enclosure of rocks. Inside it was quiet with just the faint sound of trickling water. What a peaceful way to end our winter hike.

Our quick hiking trip to Turkey Run was a perfect, cold, dreary, winter day spent together. A winter hike is a wonderful way to escape the mundane day-to-day tasks and visit a state park tucked just a couple of hours away. 

Once home, Michael set out to create a hiking video that captured our adventure. I may be bias, but this is his best video yet. We hope this video inspires you to get outside for a winter hike. Just don’t forget your warm gloves!

We cannot wait to get back to the hiking trails! What are some of your favorite, local trails to hike?

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