Friday Photos – Fishtown, MI

We’re back and happy Friday! After getting engaged, Abbi and I stayed in one of the coolest towns we have ever been; Fishtown, (Leland) Michigan.

The History

Best Dam view in Fishtown
Best Dam view in all of Fishtown

Fishtown (Leland) is located on the Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan. Fishtown was originally inhabited and fished by Native Americans and by the 1850s, European settlers. As we explored you could really see and feel the history beneath our feet.

Smokin’ Fish

Smoked Fish
Fish ready to smoke

As we explored the shanties we came across a local fisherman getting ready to roll his catch into the smoker! When he opened the door to the smoker we were greeted such amazing smells!

Fishtown Harbor

The Fishtown canal ends at the Harbor and flows into Lake Michigan. The above pictures of the Harbor and the beach are some of my favorites of the trip. They really don’t do the water clarity justice.

Blue Boat Coffee

After a very short walk to Blue Boat Coffee Shop, we took in the beautiful morning views. There’s something to said about the soothing sounds of a roaring river.

The Best Dam Lodge.Period.

This has to be one of the most unique Lodges in Michigan. The water literally flows right up to the first level of the Lodge and has a bridge to cross over the dam.

Check out our Fishtown Video

Happy Weekend! Go on an adventure. Make some memories. Seek the unScene.

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