Friday Photos – Unique Bridges

Happy Friday! Bridges are most often unique and full of history. Today, we want to share with you a few bridges we have come across during our travels.

Noblesville, Indiana

Covered bridge at sunset over water
Potter’s Covered Bridge – Howe Truss Structure

Potter’s bridge was built when Ulysses S. Grant was our President or 148 years ago! I really like how the sun shines through the bridge window and onto the cold river below.

St. Louis, Missouri

Train tracks and bridge
Martin Luther King Bridge – Cantilever Truss

While filming the Arch, I decided to take a drive up river and came across the MLK bridge. As it would happen, a train happened to be headed my way so I quickly took my drone out and started filming.

Owen County, Indiana

Cataract Falls is one of our favorite places to visit. For our third date I convinced Abbi to visit the falls with me. It worked, but not sure how! Cataract Falls is Indiana’s largest waterfall by volume.

Greene County, Indiana

Fall foliage trestle bridge
Tulip Viaduct (Trestle) – Beam Bridge

Constructed in 1906, it was the longest trestle bridge in the US at 2,295 ft. The price tag on it was $246,504. In today’s dollars that’s roughly $7.2 million or $3,100 per foot of track. Amazingly, one-hundred and thirteen years later, trains still scoot across.

Smoky Mountains, TN/NC

Clingmans Dome Smoky Mountains
Pedestrian “bridge” to the top of Clingmans Dome

While it’s not technically a bridge, I wanted to include the dome. On a clear day you can see out 100 miles, making North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia visible! It’s also the highest point in the Smoky Mountains at 6,643 feet.

Happy Weekend! Go on an adventure. Make some memories. Seek the unScene.

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