Friday Photos – Mt Charleston, NV

Happy Friday! Michael here – A few months back I flew out to Las Vegas for a work conference. I had absolutely no idea that Las Vegas is practically surrounded by mountains. I decided to spend all of my free time exploring and hiking. One of the places I decided to hike was Mary Jane Falls, which is a part of Mt Charleston, about a 45 minute drive Northeast of Vegas.

Stopped and took a drone picture on the way up the mountain

What I found interesting was when I left downtown Vegas it was 78 (unusually cold for May) and by the time I reached the trail head for Mary Jane Falls it was a balmy 45 degrees.

Drone view from above Mary Jane Falls – Part of Mt Charleston

It was a 3.1 mile out and back hike in total with an elevation gain of 990 feet. The trek up was full of switchbacks and fairly loose boulders, which made it even more exciting. The view from the falls was amazing.

This cave was beautiful, unexpected and a great place to sit while I flew the drone

I couldn’t believe it, but it started to snow! I thought the view was spectacular before, but with the snow falling, it was something out of a movie.

It snowed on my hike back down the mountain

Overall, hiking Mary Jane Falls was one of the coolest experiences I have had. I am working on a video, which I will post to Youtube as usual. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Happy Weekend! Go on an adventure. Make some memories. Seek the unScene.

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