The last time I let Michael decide we don’t need a map

Happy 31st Birthday to Michael (yes, he is older and yes, I will always remind him of this). I surprised Michael with a trip to Clifty Falls in Madison, IN. We chose to go on the hottest weekend of the summer.

We made a quick decision to walk upstream to a waterfall. Rookie mistake on my part; I didn’t clarify with Michael to see if he had the hiking map until after we were a ways from the car. He did not have the map. Lesson learned.

Side note: The creek was fairly deep in spots and surrounded by lots of rock. I had an infected scrape on my ankle (thanks CrossFit) and had to climb all of the rocks, while Michael leisurely walked through the water.

We walked upstream for a good 2- hours before reaching a sign that read: No Outlet. We decided to veer off and climb up a steep incline. Remember, we have no map. At the top, we realized we should have continued upstream thanks to a group of friendly people with a map. So back down we went.

As we continued upstream, I suggested to Michael that he fly his drone up to see if he could find the waterfall. We were also sweating to death at this point and the breeze from the drone flying felt amazing. Thankfully, we also had easy access to cold water using our Hydration Bladder.

Michael saw the waterfall just a few bends ahead. We continued on and I am so glad we did. See for yourself!

The hike back was nothing short of miserable. We were hungry and HOT. The whole way back was uphill too. Don’t worry though, we still kind of liked each other when we finally made it back to the car.

Time to head in to town to eat and check in to our AirBnb.

The AirBnb was a quaint cabin that was fairly secluded. The perfect spot to unwind. More on this later!

OUR THOUGHTS: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Even though a map would’ve been wonderful, we laughed a lot. That was all we could do feeling extremely hot and lost. Now we have a trip with a fun memory.

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