Devil’s Lake

Happy Monday! Even though it’s hard to say goodbye to the weekend, we hope you find some time this week to make a fun memory. Michael and I are sharing more about a summer adventure today.

We drove from my sisters boyfriend’s house in Montello to Devil’s Lake, which was about an hour, and it rained the entire way. Michael and I were beginning to get discouraged as we had been looking forward to this day. Fortunately, as we arrived at the State Park, the rain stopped and the clouds began to clear. It turned out to be perfect by the time we parked and were ready to hike. We grabbed a quick bite to eat out of our trusty Yeti cooler and Michael got all of his gear ready to go. So much gear. But I love his passion for capturing our adventures, so I patiently wait and assist when I can.

It was pretty crowded at the park, which is typical, so you have to take it kind of slow up the incline. The incline is just a bunch of steps carved into the rock, all the way to the top. At the top there are some wooded trails and then it is rock all the way back down. Due to the rain, it was a bit slippery, so taking it slow was just fine. Along the way, there are a few out-looks off of the path. We stopped at a couple to take photos and fly the drone.

At one out-look, there was a large rock structure that people were attempting to climb. We climbed part of it and captured a photo together.

The climb was fun, but the scenery was incredible.

After the hike, we grabbed the kayak and took it across the lake. Kloe enjoyed a nap while we got a great arm workout. The other side of the lake had another area for hiking. We anchored at another rock structure and swam for just a bit before kayaking back.

Kloe – as content as can be

It was an adventure-filled day and we were exhausted. We packed up and headed to Madison to stay at the Graduate Hotel.

Looking back, my advice would be to plan on spending two days at the park in order to really explore all that it has to offer. If you’re mostly interested in the climb to the top, get there early to avoid as much of the crowd as possible.

OUR THOUGHTS: Don’t rush a scenic hike. Stop along the way. Take in your surroundings. Enjoy the moment together. Capture images for your memory.

Where do you like to hike? We are always looking for new places to check out. Let us know in the comments!

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