Friday Photos

Happy Friday! This week we want to share a few photos of where I (Michael) grew up – Houghton Lake, MI.

Fun Facts

  • Houghton Lake is the largest natural inland lake in Michigan at about 20,044 acres or roughly 26,450 football fields.
  • It was originally called Roscommon Lake, renamed after Douglas Houghton.
  • 30 miles of shoreline – it’s only 23 miles to Harrison!
  • Residence time of 1.2 years – I had to google it too, don’t worry.
  • Average depth of 7.5′ – a shallow lake.
At it’s widest, Houghton Lake is about 5 1/2 miles across and 10 miles long!
One of two dams built to create and enhance wetland habitat along the Backus Creek.

The Backus Creek (pictured above) half-moons our house. My Dad often tells me stories about Sucker fishing here as a youngster. He also likes to refer to it as the “Mighty” Backus. For those of you who are local readers, I know you’re chuckling.

An aerial view of the property and Backus Creek. The house I grew up (lower center), our cousin’s cabin (bottom left) and the house my dad grew up in (top center).

Below are a few videos of the area that I took with my drone. Looking back on it, the videos are some of the first I ever created. I hope you enjoy them!

Happy Weekend! Go on an adventure. Make some memories. Seek the unScene.

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  • These are beautiful! I like the music with the scenery. It makes me think of the beginning or end of a movie with the soundtrack in the background! Have a great weekend, Abbi and Michael!

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