A Hidden Gem

Madison, WI is a place that I frequently visit because I have family that lives there. My younger sister, Hannah, invited Michael and I to spend the Fourth of July with she and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend lives in Montello, WI, just an hour outside of Madison. I quickly agreed to the trip and was looking forward to showing Michael Madison, along with a visit to my favorite place, Devil’s Lake.

We spent two days in Montello with Hannah and her boyfriend at the lake. Talk about rugged. There was no shelter. No electricity. No bathroom. I definitely never pictured my sister being open to the rugged-ness of it all, but she was all about it. The lake was amazing and is pretty clear with a couple of sand bars in the middle.

The trek out to the lake was worth it. Hannah warned me that the path to the lake was long, with a bunch of biting flies. I wasn’t quite prepared for what awaited, though. The path was super muddy from all the rain and you basically had to cover and run to avoid getting too many bites from the flies.

Hannah put a large, 8-person float in the middle of the lake to hang out on during the day.

Michael brought his inflatable kayak that we used to get out to the float. Admittedly, when Michael first told me that he bought an inflatable kayak, I thought, “what a terrible idea, this will not last long”. To my surprise, the kayak was easy to inflate and very durable. The weight limit is 250 pounds, but we easily piled in close to 350 pounds with no issue. (I would not recommend this should you choose to try out this kayak too). Kloe was not thrilled about swimming, so she spent the day floating in the kayak.

Kloe approved of the kayak

We ended up spending two full days out on the lake, swimming, fishing, floating and of course, some drinking. At night, we were so tired we crashed right after dinner. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy a bonfire.

My favorite part about our lake days was all of the time that I got to spend with my sister. Since she has moved away, time together is very limited and we were long overdue.

On Saturday morning, Hannah’s boyfriend was kind enough to cook us a delicious breakfast casserole with eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy and cheese. Yum! We enjoyed a slow morning drinking coffee, then made the drive to Devil’s Lake for a day of hiking and kayaking.

OUR THOUGHTS: Be prepared for the worst and enjoy the memories made. The time spent with Hannah and her boyfriend far outweighed the biting flies.

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