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Falling Waters lodge is located in Leland, MI and was established in 1960. Today, the lodge is family owned and operated. Michael stumbled upon this lodge and requested that we book a room there for a night. (We settled on an Airbnb for the other nights to save money). We decided to book a room on our last night there and chose one that was on the middle level, with a perfect view of the dam. The upper level houses full apartments to rent; great options for small and large groups. (Check them out here)

Visit to learn how you can help preserve Fishtown.

Falling Waters lodge is right on a dam and the surrounding area is a very small town, Fishtown. There were two restaurants over-looking the dam, across from the lodge and then a few small shops. Some of the buildings surrounding the dam had signs requesting help/funding for revitalization. It is a town in need, but also quite quaint. Just beyond the small town that encompasses the dam, there was a “downtown” with more small shops and restaurants. We of course found the coffee shop. Surprisingly, there were lots of large, fancy boats/yachts docked just on the other side of Fishtown. I would love to know someone that owns a yacht like that. Whoa.

Prior to arriving at Falling Waters lodge, we heard from many people that the lodge had recently been restored. Upon our arrival, it was clear that this lodge had been around for awhile, but they used what they had to make it an attraction for tourists. The room was nothing special. It had all of the essentials, but honestly, who needs a fancy room. I’ll take clean. The unique aspects were found outside. My favorite feature of the room was opening the window to hear the rushing water from the dam right outside.

Michael and I decided a walk to the beach would be a perfect start to our evening. It was a quick 2 minute walk from the lodge and was a perfect, small sandy beach. We were dressed up from the wineries so we decided to capture some photos. Michael set up his GoPro with the sun beginning to set in the background. We were photo bombed by a man and a woman that were from Indiana, so we took a quick photo with them.

After some photos, we headed to The Cove to sit on the deck that overlooked the dam and the setting sun. We ordered a drink; beer for Michael and a Moscow Mule for me. Anyone that knows me, knows that I always sip my drinks extra slow. It often drives my friends crazy! It was fun to reflect back on our engagement while enjoying a drink and watching the sun set. After drinks, Michael and I crossed back over the dam to enjoy the fire with a few other lodge guests. Michael got out his drone and flew it closer to the dam, capturing some video that he is excited to edit and piece together. Our night ended sharing chicken alfredo, cold, that we had ordered at dinner, but never ate.

The next morning, we woke up early (sorry Michael) and grabbed coffee to drink on the deck above the dam. We then headed back to the beach so Michael could swim and I could finish my book. Check back soon to see some underwater photos that Michael captured!

Michael and I highly recommend a stay at Falling Waters Lodge. The staff was friendly, the room was clean and the experience was unlike any other lodge. Fishtown is so quaint and relaxed, I enjoyed the slow pace of it all.

Our Thoughts: Always look for the off-the-beaten-path lodge, cabin or Airbnb. These usually yield a unique experience and can be more cost effective.

Do you enjoy staying at large, fancy hotels or prefer the small, quaint places? We would love more recommendations!

Fishtown, MI

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