I said YES!

We made it to Traverse City, Michigan! Michael has been talking about planning this trip for months now. He even woke up the morning of and said, “it’s like waking up on Christmas morning”. Side note: he is not really that in to wine, but is learning to like it (Sorry dad). I just chalked his excitement up to the diving portion of our trip.

We lucked out and found a cute little Airbnb in a small town, called Maple City. The host has been nothing but sweet and she has a pup that keeps us missing ours at home (They are with grandma and grandpa).

On our first morning, Michael woke up at 4:15. Anyone that knows us, knows that I am the early riser, not Michael.

First stop, Mari Vineyard. Michael called ahead and reserved the terrace for an hour. On our drive there he gave me the rundown of his plan to film with his drone and GoPro. The winery even asked for him to send some of the footage so they could use it too.

Mari Vineyard

We made our way to the tasting bar. Expecting to taste some wines, I was a little thrown off when they asked what we would like a glass of to take up to the terrace. I quickly chose a dry red blend (this is the only wine Michael will actually enjoy, for now).

East arm of Grand Traverse Bay

The terrace had an amazing view of the vineyard and the East arm of Grand Traverse Bay. The sky was perfectly blue and the water appeared crystal clear. My one goal was to enjoy the view with a glass of wine. Michael got busy setting up his drone and GoPro. He had a vision in mind, so I paid no attention as he rearranged all of the furniture on the terrace.

Once set up exactly how he wanted it, he sat down for .2 seconds before he was up again. He clearly cannot sit still. He was then rearranging the chairs that we were sitting in, again. Slightly annoyed I moved my chair back an inch or two, thinking what does it really matter. Michael wanted the chairs perfectly lined up, so I went with it.

He then wanted to capture some images of us overlooking the vineyards. I stepped up to the edge of the terrace and looked towards the bay. He captured some images and then came up behind me. I thought that he was telling me to stand a little differently, so I stepped over without turning around. He said, “babe, you can turn around now”.

The first thing that I noticed was that Michael had his hand behind his back. I honestly just thought that he was trying to hide the drone controller. Michael said some very sweet and sentimental words. All I really remember him saying was that 8 months ago he stood at the same winery, capturing drone footage. He and I had just started texting, not having met in person yet. Before I knew it, Michael was down on one knee and I was in total disbelief.

Prior to this trip, my mom asked me if I thought Michael would propose in Traverse City. We had talked about marriage and knew that’s where we were headed. My response to her was, “not a chance, he hasn’t even bought the ring yet.” Little did I know, he had had the ring for close to two months and had already asked for my dad’s permission.

I, of course, said yes! I think this slightly shocked Michael. I am an over-analyzer and do not decide on anything quickly. He joked that my answer would be “sure”.

Michael and I sat on the terrace for a while longer, calling family members and sharing the exciting news. What a start to our trip!

Another fun thing was chatting with people at all our next stops. We of course shared our news and heard from other couples celebrating anniversaries of 32 and 42 years.

Thanks to Mari Vineyard for being so accommodating for this special occasion! We cannot wait to spend a lifetime together!

How many years have you been married? Leave us a comment below!

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