Our Story Begins Here

Our first date was on a Tuesday, by that next Sunday, we took our first adventure together. There was a fresh coating of snow and Michael was itching to get out and film Cataract Falls with his drone. Cataract Falls is one of Michael’s favorite places to visit in Indiana. It is Indiana’s largest waterfall. The vast majority of people that he has talked to about it, have never even heard of it (Read more about it here in case that’s you). Being the more cautious one, I was not quick to agree to this adventure as Michael was still, essentially, a stranger that I did not know much about. No way was I going to agree to ride in a car with a stranger for 50 miles and hike in the middle of the woods with no one else around. None of this even crossed Michael’s mind, he was just super excited to show me the falls and his nerdy hobby of flying a drone. Thanks to having a mutual friend, I decided to take a chance and agreed to tag along. Since then, we have not looked back.

We were the only ones at the Falls, which is not surprising because it was a very cold day for Indiana. What captured me, though, was the quietness of it all. All you could hear was the waterfall in the distance, the crunching of the freshly fallen snow under our feet and of course, the humming of Michael’s drone.

Michael is not the type to hike the conventional path. We made the trek to the bottom of the falls by climbing down large rocks. Kloe, Michael’s 8-year old rescue dog, was never far from us and was clearly used to this type of adventure. Once at the bottom of the falls, Michael flew his drone up to capture the waterfall above and the surrounding scenery.

Eventually, Michael asked if I wanted to fly the drone. To be honest, I almost said no because I am not the most coordinated and would surely crash it. I tried to hide my nervousness and agreed to give it a try. Later on, Michael confessed that, although he wanted to teach me how to fly the drone, he was nervous too because the thought of losing a $1,300 piece of equipment was a nail bitter. I guess his reasoning was slightly selfish as he confessed that secretly, he wanted to include my footage in the video to put a smile on my face.

Michael was very patient and showed me the ropes, while easing my fears. It was fun to fly the drone beyond the falls and see us from a bird’s eye view. We even captured our first picture together, with Kloe too of course.

I don’t think our date could have gone any better, other than me losing feeling to my fingers. Michael kept asking if I was cold and I denied it for a good 2 hours, until I just couldn’t stand it anymore. He graciously gave me his scarf and gloves to warm up with.

It’s fun to look back at our first trip together, all of the places we have been since and plan to explore in the future. We are excited to begin this journey of blogging our adventures and hope that you will join us as we continue to Seek the unScene.

Have you ever flown a drone before? Please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

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